“Best Chiropractor in Northbrook, IL”

Dear friends,
It’s a bittersweet moment in the fact that Helping Massage & Chiropractic has closed its doors, but new ones are open and I’m ready to see you at Aligned Modern Health in Deerfield! You are invited as part of an early-bird group of VIP patients who I will see on  a limited schedule, Wednesdays only, until early August.
Aligned Modern Health has an awesome environment, good people, it’s a great group of health providers! I am still completing my on-boarding and soon I will be available five (5) days a week to serve your family’s health!
Please call us at the Deerfield Clinic to get on the schedule and get started. Feel free to leave a voicemail if you call after hours!
I can’t wait to see you! Please call the Aligned Modern Health – Deerfield Clinic at 224-632-1860 and let’s get you scheduled for chiropractic care!
~Dr Jose Aguilar

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