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Nutritional Deficiency Testing in Northbrook and the surrounding North Shore Area has never been easier!

Here at Helping Hands Massage & Chiropractic, we offer our Nutritional Services for those interested in optimum health. We use a nutritional assessment questionnaire that is considered to be the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available. Completing the questionnaire is a great way to identify which vitamins, minerals, or herbs are right for your body. The questionnaire asks you detailed questions about your health symptoms you may be having. We then use a simple, quick & OBJECTIVE test via dried blood spot analysis to test 34 different vitamins & nutrients.

Below are some of the key features that sets us apart from others:

  • Individualized supplement recommendations & dosage specific to test findings, age, sex, & weight  of the patient.
  • Correlation of drug side effects with patient test findings.
  • Dietary recommendations with meal recipe.
  • Compare color-coded current and previous test results on the the same page.
  • Incorporates multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including the patients’ symptoms, medications, etc.

Our natural health solutions are based on scientific and objective testing. The results report provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and dysfunction identified from the tests results.

Why are nutrient deficiencies a growing epidemic?

  1. Absorption: You are NOT what you eat…you are what you ABSORB. With leaky gut, IBS, Celiac disease & Cron’s disease on the rise, nutrient deficiencies are becoming more prevalent.
  2. Lifestyle: Prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol, physical & emotional stressors all impact nutrient status.
  3. Biochemical Uniqueness: We are ALL unique individuals and our needs at age 20 differ from our needs at age 50. This is why we encourage testing to determine YOUR exact needs.
  4. Conventional Food: The Standard American Diet is very processed and lacks many of the key nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Some of the conditions that can be caused by Nutrient deficiencies include: Weight Loss Resistance, Chronic Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances, Poor Immune function, Numbness & Tingling in Hands/Feet, Digestive Problems, Headaches/Migraines, Inflammation, Insomnia, Mental Decline/Poor Memory & More.


No general screening test is more efficient, effective and affordable than the dried blood spot (DBS) we offer in our office. It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of biomarkers to track you health and nutritional needs.       Click here to see a sample report —–> OHLSampleReport


Call us today to schedule your nutritional consult and analysis!


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