Patient Testimonials

Words cannot express how Dr Aguilar and Giedra have improved my quality of life.
I have Torticollis ,since 2008, the only treatment is Botox Shots every 3 months to stop the pain and improve the movement of my head to the left.
I went to Helping Hands in May of 2014, as the Botox shot was helping with the pain but not so much the movement of my head.

Dr Aguilar & Giedra listen to you, do not assume that they know best.
The combination of seeing Dr Aguilar & Giedra every week for several months,has kept the pain away and the movement of my head improving.

I am now going every other week.

When I went for my Botox Shot in Dec (as it had been 4 months) my Dr took one look @ me and said–no shot for you…you are in great shape..

Thank You, Dr Aguilar & Giedra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha B


I visited Helping Hands looking for a massage to relieve headache, cervical and back pain.  Luckily Giedra was able to see me same day!  Upon arrival I took note the office is clean and welcoming.  Giedra was there to greet me, I filled out a simple form and we headed back to the treatment room.  I talked, she listened after a few minutes she was ready to take control.  Giedra is a strong woman!  She is both knowledgeable and instinctive in her practice.  I received a thorough 60 minute deep tissue massage.  I can say, thankfully, I did not wake this morning with a headache.  I am sore (i swear I kept warm Giedra) but that is to be expected.  She worked magic on all the areas that have been pinned up.  I feel great and cant wait for my next appointment.

After our session she suggested I receive a consultation from Dr. Aguilar which in my mind was to be expected (I too am in sales).  She noted his expertise in headaches, cervical and back pain.  I am a skeptic but being of a holistic mindset…I decided to listen to what he had to say.  Dr. Aguilar is nice, he is educated and explained everything with patience.  I do plan on getting a second opinion next week and if all works out I will be using Helping Hands for several of my therapeutic needs.

Happy Holidays to the Helping Hands Staff.

Jill S.


Came in with a back problems, got a deep tissue massage. All I’m saying is wow it really helped me! Thank you Kasia!

Tom H.


After a long search for a massage therapist I like, I found Geidre a few years ago. She is the owner and does a fabulous job. Always runs on-time, gives an awesome full-body massage with the right amount of pressure and I feel better when I leave. I have been using her services for several years on a regular basis. The facility is clean, modern and comfortable. Setting up appointments is easy and If I need an additional appointment I just e-mail her and she is great getting back very quickly.

I have also used her and an additional massage therapist who works for her in my office as an ’employee incentive’. The staff really enjoyed the 10 – 15 minute neck and chair massages. Geidre gave us a great promotional package that we used to promote the event in a conference room, including sign-up sheets and overviews. Over 40 employees enjoyed the 10 – 15 minute in-office massages.

Stu H.


I started to go to this practice for a shoulder problem. I couldn’t lift my right arm up. After 6 session with Dr Aguilar, my arm is now back to normal. No more pain or discomfort. I highly recommend this place to anyone with any problem. The staff is very friendly and they know what they do!



Back in 2012 ,I had a cervical spinal injury. Someone recommended me to Giedre, a massage therapist. I was so happy to find her. After few sessions of her massages I was seeing a big difference in my neck. She did professional, therapeutic massages and also recommended I see her husband Dr. Aguilar, a chiropractor, for adjustments. Now I’m regular client of theirs and see them at least once a week. I would highly recommend Giedre and Dr. Aguilar to everyone! Our health is the most important thing, which many of us don’t realize, until we have a problem. Thank you so much Helping Hands Massage & Chiropractic team for your wonderful work.

Auredika M.


I came to Helping Hands with a online deal and have been there twice now and have since made 2 more future appointments. Ila managed to relieve the pressure in my neck and shoulders to where I was able to turn my head to the left and not feel a strain. That’s a big deal for me. Thank you.

Posted By: Vanessa O.


I have received massages for over 25 years, but my massages with Ila are from the most experienced and educated massage therapist ever. She managed to manipulate not only my tight neck and shoulder muscles in a gradual, methodical manner but also to work my joints so that the entire process improves my overall well being. (I’m 72.) What’s more, I don’t have aching muscles afterwards. She is especially knowledgeable about working the neck which most therapists avoid due to lack of proper training.
Posted By: Pam F.


Having gone to many chiropractors over the past thirty five or so years of my life, Dr. Aguilar has been a true gift to helping my neck and lower back issues.  Giedra is the best deep tissue massage therapist I have gone to and  I highly recommend them both for the upkeep/maintenance of a healthy, aligned body!  Everyone needs their talented help!

Posted By: Carrie S.


I have been going for almost 2 months now and my back and hip pain are all but eliminated. What a great experience I had. The massages, electro stimulation treatment and physical therapy did the trick! All of the staff are professional, friendly, and helpful. Thanks for helping me get rid of the limp I have had for almost 2 years! 🙂

Posted By: Sue


Can’t say enough good things about Helping Hands. Dr. Aguilar is terrific and incredible patient-oriented. He manages the business himself, so communication is a breeze. Any issues, whether medical, scheduling, or billing are all directly handled by him. He will work with your insurance to get you the best treatment options available, and even help you order at-home equipment at no cost to you! There is no doubt that he puts his patients before his bottom-line. He is an excellent listener, and his dedication to his work and his patients is very apparent. His adjustments are performed with finesse, and I have found relief with my chronic back pain.

Giedra, the massage therapist, is incredible as well. After the first massage I received from her, I realized that her skills were something special. Her precision when working muscles is unbelievable. Never have I received another massage that felt as therapeutic as Giedra’s always do. To sum up, she is REALLY good. Best of all, the massage is covered by insurance because it is therapeutic.

The office is really nice on the inside. Don’t be fooled by the outside, as you might mistake the office for a service entrance. It has a homey feel on the inside, and they have gone to lengths to make it a nice place to wait, with comfortable seating, water, and chocolates (although honestly I’ve never had to wait as I am always seen immediately.)

All-in-all, a great place! Thanks Dr. Aguilar and Giedra 🙂

Posted By: Michael A.


After injuring my shoulder and neck (lots of pain), a friend sent me to Giedra for massage therapy. After a number of visits with her the pain was gone. This was much more effective than prescribed medication. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and knew where and how to work on the area. I would very much recommend her.
Posted By: Barbara F.


Hands down the best chiropractor and massage therapist I have ever encountered! I’ve had back problems for as long as I can remember, so I’ve seen my fair share of massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc. Dr. Jose (chiropractor) and Giedra (massage therapist) from Helping Hands are the only two I’ve stayed with for many years! They truly go above and beyond to help you heal. Can’t rave enough about these two – would definitely highly recommend!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Posted By: Anna V.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         _____________

Great massage. Very relaxing environment. I have had back and neck issues and this is one of the best places to find relief. Will be back.                                                                                                                                                Posted By: Ruth G.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ____________

My husband bought me a local deal for two massages on the internet.  I had not heard of this [place].  But to my surprise it is one of the nicest places I have frequented..  The massage was way above average and it is in a very nice location with very easy close parking.  I went on one of the coldest days in Chicago history and the room was clean and warm.  I had a lady named Gierdra and she was excellent.  I can’t wait to go back.

Posted By: Lynn M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ____________

Helping Hands Massage has an excellent practice and very professional therapists. I’ve been to several local places, but their massage therapists have excellent touch and right amount of pressure. I’ve had massage from both Suzanna and Giedra…both equally great. I highly recommend going them a try next time you’re thinking massage.

Posted By: Joe B.
I was VERY pleased with my massage! It was the best that I’ve gotten! 🙂  a Really nice, simple, warm office, low-key, no pressure to rush or buy products.  I look forward to my next visit, soon!
Posted By: Dawn R.
Dr. Aguilar is extremely professional, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. In my first visit he listened patiently to all my concerns and physical issues. The adjustment was excellent. I left with a plan, another appointment and feeling very light and at ease.
Posted By: Marla B.
I have had migraines for about 9 years. I have done lots of things that have helped to uncover why I was fatigued, feeling anxious, sleeping poorly and suffering from periodic constipation. I believe chiropractic care is an additional healing modality that is extremely helpful in continuing my health journey. Chiropractic is allowing me to continue to feel better and better after only 4-6 weeks. My body is attempting to return to its old way of expressing health- in the form of migraines- but it is less and less successful each day. I have not had to take an Imitrex for migraine pain since starting chiropractic care. That is a big success.
Posted By: Allison S.
I have received wonderful treatment on both the massage and chiropractic sides of Helping Hands in Highland Park. First, Dr. Jose and Geidre accommodated my hectic work schedule by finding time(s) to see me. Second, Dr. Jose used a variety of chiropractic techniques to treat my chronically bad hip as well as my injured shoulder. He even gave me exercises to perform at home. The therapy made me feel better very quickly. Third, then Geidre got involved with some deep massage sessions. I felt better after each one! Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer and their combined talents make my life better.
Posted By: Mary A.
I have had 4 back surgeries and been going for massages for over 20 years and have never found a Masseuse who gives as good of a massage as I found here. Whether you just need a relaxing massage or have ailments that need attention, you will definitely leave here happy. Having a Masseuse who also is a Physical Therapist is very rare and she really knows how to help relieve your pain. I have already recommended this place to all my friends and family, and I promise you will find it’s the best massage around.
Posted By: Rich K.
Without doubt the best massage I have experienced in a long time, possibly ever! I would recommend Helping Hands without hesitation.
Posted By: James C.
Had an awesome massage! Very strong hands and my muscles have never felt so much relief. Thank you!
Posted By: Nicole W.
Massages have been an important part of my fitness routine for over twenty years. Giedre’s work is among the best I have ever experienced. She is an expert at locating and releasing muscle tension. Her massage is deep, therapeutic and relaxing. I am truly glad I discovered Helping Hands.
Posted By: Spike S.
I recently hurt my knee, at first the pain seemed to be mild so I wasn’t worried I thought it would go away. As the days went by, my knee was really bothering me and the pain was not diminishing. Simple things like getting in and out of the car, washing my feet, putting on pants, going up the stairs, sitting on the floor to play with my son, and getting up were becoming difficult and painful. Let’s not mention being on my knees or squatting. My knee seemed stiff, so I decided it was time to see a Chiropractor. Luckily I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Aguilar at his office. Dr. Aguilar started treatment right away on my first visit. I went twice a week for treatment and in three weeks I was feeling better, my knee was back to normal. Once again I was able to ride my bike, sit on the floor and play with my son; I started exercising, and was able to do the simple things that had become difficult. I’ve always been a very active person and I could not let the pain stop me from my active life style. Therefore, I strongly recommend that if anyone is suffering from any pain or from an accident to seek help and treatment from Dr. Aguilar. Don’t let the pain stop you from what you love to do, your health is invaluable.
Posted By: Magdalena V.
I was injured at work when an overhead door slammed down onto my arm causing intense pain and severe bruising. My job sent me to their doctors for treatment originally, where they told me the accident had caused damage to the muscles of my arm and shoulder. They did some therapy and later said I would need to undergo surgery. Hearing this frightened me because I had heard stories of not being able to be normal again afterwards from several people I knew. A friend of mine told me Dr. Aguilar and how his treatment had helped her husband after he injured himself on the job too. I decided to check him out at this point. The first visit was like nothing I had experienced before. He did a comprehensive consultation with me to learn more about how I injured myself. Then he did a detailed exam, even more detailed than the doctors from work did. After that, he sat down with me and explained the whole process of treatment that I would be undergoing in his office. I felt very comfortable with him, the way he took his time to know what was going on and what I had already been through. I started my first treatment with him that same day and when I was done I could already begin to feel a difference. It has now been almost 3 months since I started care with Dr. Aguilar and I have never felt better. I have improved in all aspects of my arm and shoulder and am completely pain free. I went back to the doctors from work for a follow up visit and they even told me that surgery was no longer necessary! Thank you Dr. Aguilar, I really appreciate everything you have done for me!
Posted By: Maria C.
Helping Hands is the Best! I haven’t felt this well in quite a few years. With Giedre’s background in physical therapy and massage therapy she helped me with a back and pelvic problem that made it difficult for me to get around. She is wonderful I feel so much better and am functional again. No doctors, not MRI’s not pain meds. I know I am in the best of “Hands” at Helping Hands.
Posted By: Terri W.
Giedre and Helping Hands Massage has literally changed my life. After unsuccessful stints with acupuncture, muscle activation therapy and physical therapy, that resulted after a few sports injuries and just getting older, I tried Helping Hands Massage. While it’s true that I felt somewhat better after the first session, I noticed the big improvement after several sessions. Geidre seems to really understand physiology, muscles, joints and cartilage. For whatever reason, it works on me in a profound way and I enjoy the clean and pleasant aesthetic of her studio.
Posted By: Rob M.
Dr. Jose has helped me out tremendously! He has taken the time to understand what I have been going through for most of my adult life. Now, after a few months I feel like a brand new person with a different outlook on my health! Thank you so much!
Posted By: Almira
I have been suffering from all kinds of problems for a long time now. When I first met with Dr. Aguilar it was for pain in my leg that wouldn’t let me walk without using a cane. I had to wrap my leg in bandages just to be able to support it. After seeing Dr. Aguilar for a few visits, I have already improved a lot. I don’t use my cane anymore and can actually go jogging around the block now with no more pain!! No other doctor has helped me like this before and I’ve been seeing them for this same problem for years! I am extremely grateful to you Dr. Aguilar, you have changed my life!
Posted By: Delores B.

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